ACL Rehab Protocol

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ACL rehabilitation is a structured and function-based program that is vitally important to follow to ensure an effective return to sport and reduced risk of re-injury. Rehabilitation follows a structured program beginning with activation drills and restoring range of motion, through to agility-based activities and return to sport. A correct ACL rehabilitation program could last for up to two years to ensure optimal outcomes. 

Rehabilitation programs are often poorly followed outside of elite sports, which results in up to a third of cases suffering a second ACL injury. Research indicates that under 15% of people who have suffered an ACL injury correctly follow a rehabilitation program and meet the return to sport criteria. Ineffective rehabilitation can also lead to an increased risk of future meniscal tears and osteoarthritis development in the knee.

ACL Rehabilitation

As mentioned above, structured programming is essential for effective ACL rehabilitation. Regular monitoring of function and performance will ensure that correct progression can be applied to improve the rate of recovery and optimal return to sport. The initial phases of an ACL rehabilitation program will require more frequent appointments with your therapist as progress happens quickly in these phases. As rehabilitation progresses, the frequency at which you will see a therapist will reduce. This will involve more self-management with appointments focusing on assessing progression criteria and advancing the programming. 

Throughout the entire program, individual therapy programs will be provided to be completed independently. Adherence to the independent therapy prescribed is the most important aspect of ACL rehabilitation to ensure that the progression criteria are met in a timely manner.

ACL rehab


Why Enhanced Living for my ACL Rehab?

At Enhanced Living, we have both Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who understand the rehab process that is required following an ACL injury. Our knowledge and experience help us to guide people through the rehabilitation process and ensure they can get back to what they love, without the fear of future injury.

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