Coastal Dietetics are the leaders in nutrition, offering a fresh approach to their dietetic services. Coastal Dietetics uses unbiased scientific evidence to support and back their recommendations. Because the science of nutrition is still relatively young, we keep an open mind when formulating a nutrition plan for our clients.

What does this mean for you? Better results with more energy, a healthier weight, fewer cravings, stable sugar levels, a decreased appetite, tastier food and better pathology results too.

Coastal Dietetics firmly believes that food is the most powerful and safe form of medicine to regain health and wellbeing, and understand that:

  • Gut health is of paramount importance to overall health and well being.
  • The body functions and thrives with less sugar in the diet.
  • Fat is part of a healthy and well balanced diet and should not be avoided.
  • Consuming a whole food based diet will cause no harm.
  • Food intolerances lead to inflammation and ill health.
  • Diabetics can better manage their sugar levels with a lower carbohydrate diet.

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