Come and check out our state of the Art Facilities including a heated Hydrotherapy Pool in Maroochydore!

We’ve been helping our clients achieve their goals since 2009, in a one-to-one format and via unique group sessions too, at our state-of-the-art therapy centre in Maroochydore which features a heated Hydrotherapy Pool, functional fitness room, strength & conditioning room, sensory room and neuro room.

Clients with reduced mobility and accessibility needs have not previously had a facility that offers fully inclusive activity and exercise-based rehabilitation on the Sunshine Coast and we’re delighted that we can provide this to the local community. 

Looking for a Maroochydore physio at a centre with a wide range of other health and wellbeing services? Come and check out our facility! We also have on offer Exercise Physiology, Occupational Therapy, Intensive Therapy, Upper Limb Therapy and our famous ‘Theraholidays’. We have a number of supporting services onsite such as Dietetics and MOllii suit.

Our Facilities at this Location

Whether you want to access one service on offer or several, we help our clients to access the right support and professional guidance they need to enhance their lives. 

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy is an effective form of low impact, pool based exercise that assists with pain relief and injury rehabilitation. It provides enormous benefits to people with a range of conditions or illnesses including but not limited to:

  • Joint Replacements
  • Back Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stroke and other decreased Mobility conditions
  • Cardiac Reconditioning
  • Other Conditions eg MS, Parkinsons, Neurological Disorders

Hydrotherapy trains and conditions the balance, muscle and cardiovascular systems and provides benefits for health and wellbeing.

Read more about our Hydrotherapy pool below…

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Strength & Conditioning Room

Use specialised equipment at our gym or an organised session with our physio in Maroochydore, with friendly assistance and advice. Our onsite strength and conditioning room is over 100 square metres and includes everything for training, including deadlift platforms and weights machines.

Your program will always be monitored and modified by our registered and accredited therapists. Our programs are designed to assist you in overcoming barriers and prevent injury from occurring. Limited spots are available each session to ensure that you get the best advice and due care necessary to achieve your goals, so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Contact us to make an appointment.

The Active Room

The Active Room is over 100 square metres of functional training space during the day with activities such as sled tracks, sprint training and plyometrics and free weights, battle ropes and kettlebells which our Maroochydore physios & exercise physiologist operate out of. Come and check out our facility!.

From 3pm, we roll out the impact reduction mats and we run our Parkour and Gymnastics classes in the afternoons. Functional training is best for improving mobility and function in specific activities that match your goals

The space we have is easily changed and modified to suit the needs of programs and we love the feeling of open space. We also boast a fully air conditioned facility all year round climate control.


Neuro Rehab Room

The Neuro Rehab Room is over 100square metres and hosts unique and innovative technologies. Arguably one of the most well-equipped facilities in Queensland, we have body weight training systems for locomotion, antigravity systems and neurological rehabilitation equipment designed for accessibility during cardiovascular training.

This room is where the NeuroPhysio and team will provide therapeutic interventions to enhance mobility and function.

Sensory Room

The sensory room is a quiet space secluded from the other gym rooms and provides a safe learning environment, particularly for our children with sensory processing and developmental disorders.

With environmental controls for temperature and lighting, we can assist with external regulation while practicing tasks of daily living and fine motor skills.

In the afternoon, the Lego Therapy Club takes over the Sensory Room and kids have the opportunity to practice social and communication skills while enjoying building lego projects.

If you would like to arrange a free orientation to check out any of our spaces listed above or our Maroochydore facility in general, please contact us.

How to find us

Enhanced Living is based out of the Dalton Centre on the corner of Dalton Drive and Newspaper Place, just off the nexus of Trinder Avenue, Maud Street and Sugar Road. Dalton Drive is also a through road joining Maroochydore Boulevard.


We have nine allocated parking spots at this facility, which clients are welcome to use including accessible parking at the front of the building. On busier days, you are most welcome to utilise the loading bay outside the Hydrotherapy Pool for disembarking prior to finding a carpark a little further away.

Opening Hours:

MON – FRI: 830am – 5pm.

Before hours and after hours appointments may be available.

Phone – 07 5437 8777


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