Physiotherapist Clinic
in Maroochydore

Welcome to Enhanced Living in Maroochydore, a centre of physiotherapy excellence where personalised care meets exceptional service.
Our facilities and expert physiotherapists are dedicated to providing comprehensive physiotherapy services.

Our Cutting-Edge Physiotherapy Facilities

At Enhanced Living in Maroochydore, we are deeply committed to your health and well-being. Our top-tier facilities are designed to meet a variety of physiotherapy needs.

We offer: 

  • Heated Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Functional Fitness Room
  • Strength & Conditioning Room
  • The Active Room
  • Neuro Rehab Room
  • Sensory Room

Moving from our warm and inviting reception area to our well-equipped treatment rooms, you’ll notice the attention to detail. Every aspect of our clinic is designed for your comfort and efficiency. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition, our facilities are here to support you.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our Hydrotherapy Pool at Enhanced Living is a fundamental part of our therapeutic services. Known for its exceptional benefits, hydrotherapy aids in recovery, pain relief, and mobility enhancement. The pool’s warm, buoyant waters create an ideal environment for gentle, yet effective therapy, particularly for:

  • Joint Replacements: Easing movement and aiding in faster recovery.
  • Back Pain: Providing relief through buoyancy and warmth.
  • Arthritis: Reducing joint stress and improving mobility.
  • Sports Injuries: Accelerating the healing process in a controlled environment.
  • Stroke and Other Mobility Conditions: Assisting in regaining movement and balance.
  • Cardiac Reconditioning: Offering a safe way to exercise and strengthen the heart.
  • Other Conditions: Benefiting those with MS, Parkinson’s, and various neurological disorders.

Discover the healing powers of our Hydrotherapy Pool.

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Strength & Conditioning Room

At Enhanced Living, our Strength & Conditioning Room is a pivotal facility for both rehabilitation and fitness enhancement. Spanning over 100 square metres, it’s outfitted with advanced equipment, including deadlift platforms and weight machines, to accommodate various fitness levels.

Ideal for injury recovery or enhancing physical strength, this room is managed by our registered therapists. They customise your programme to deliver effective results while prioritising safety. With limited availability per session, we ensure personalised attention to effectively assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Join us in the Strength & Conditioning Room for a safe and expert-guided fitness enhancement experience.

The Active Room

Our Active Room is a dynamic space, stretching over 100 square metres, designed for functional training and rehabilitation. By day, it’s a hub for activities like sled tracks, sprint training, plyometrics, and free weights, all overseen by our skilled Maroochydore physios and exercise physiologists.

In the afternoon, the room adapts for Parkour and Gymnastics classes with impact reduction mats, focusing on mobility and functional improvement. The adaptable layout of The Active Room allows for a variety of programs, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience every time.

The entire space is fully air-conditioned, ensuring comfort for year-round training in a state-of-the-art environment

Neuro Rehab Room

In our Neuro Rehab Room at Enhanced Living, spanning over 100 square metres, we offer one of Queensland’s most advanced neurological rehabilitation facilities. This room is equipped with innovative technologies, such as body weight training systems for locomotion and antigravity systems, specifically designed to enhance mobility and function in patients with neurological conditions.

Our expert NeuroPhysio team utilises this space for delivering targeted therapeutic interventions. The equipment is specially chosen for neurological recovery, focusing on locomotion, balance, and cardiovascular training to optimise patient outcomes.

Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room at Enhanced Living is a tranquil, secluded space, perfect for those with sensory processing and developmental disorders. With adjustable controls for temperature and lighting, it’s tailored for practising daily living skills and enhancing fine motor abilities in a controlled environment.

In the afternoons, this room transforms into a hub for our Lego Therapy Club. Here, children engage in Lego building, fostering social and communication skills in a supportive setting. This adaptable room is a testament to our commitment to offering nurturing and flexible therapeutic environments for a range of needs.

How to find us

Enhanced Living is at the Dalton Centre, corner of Dalton Drive and Newspaper Place. Easily reachable from Trinder Avenue, Maud Street, and Sugar Road. Dalton Drive is also a through road joining Maroochydore Boulevard.


We have nine allocated spots, including accessible parking. On busy days, use the Hydrotherapy Pool’s loading bay for quick drop-offs.

Public Transport:

Accessible via local bus routes, convenient for those using public transport.

Opening Hours:

MON – FRI: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.
Early and late appointments may be available on request.

Contact Us:

Phone: 07 5437 8777


Want to talk to someone?

Whether you’re seeking more information or ready to book a session, our team at Enhanced Living is here to assist you. Reach out to us to discuss your needs and learn how our tailored physiotherapy services can benefit you.

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