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Discover affordable pathways to improved health with our comprehensive physiotherapy funding and rebate options in Maroochydore.

Introduction to Physiotherapy Funding & Rebates

In Maroochydore, Enhanced Living offers a variety of funding and rebate options for physiotherapy services. These financial supports are designed to make physiotherapy accessible and affordable, ensuring everyone can receive the care they need. From government schemes to private health insurance, we guide you through the process to identify the best options for your situation.

Funding & Rebates Options

There are multiple ways to obtain funding and rebates for physiotherapy services. These options include government programs such as NDIS and Medicare, as well as private health insurance and other third-party insurance providers. Each alternative is tailored to suit different needs and situations, making it easier for individuals in Maroochydore to access physiotherapy services.

NDIS funding provider

As registered providers within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Enhanced Living proudly offers quality services to a diverse range of clients, including those with Psychosocial Disabilities, since 2017. Our expertise extends to serving both out-of-region NDIS participants and the local community of the Sunshine Coast.

Our unique Theraholidays programme, a combination of intensive therapy and holiday experience, is a testament to our innovative approach under NDIS funding. This offering is especially beneficial for clients on NDIS plans, providing an enriching and therapeutic environment.

We ensure that all our services, including those funded by NDIS, are delivered with the same level of quality and commitment. Importantly, we promise no increase in prices for clients mentioning NDIS funding, reflecting our dedication to accessible and affordable care.

Enhanced Living’s role in NDIS goes beyond service provision. We guide clients through the NDIS process, ensuring they understand their eligibility, assisting in the application process, and tailoring services to meet their specific needs under the scheme. This comprehensive support underlines our commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of every client we serve.

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Private Health Insurance

With private health insurance, you may be eligible for rebates on physiotherapy services. Coverage varies across different insurers, so we recommend confirming with your health fund before booking an appointment. This ensures you understand your coverage level for our services.

Keep in mind that policy terms, such as session limits and cost coverage, differ among insurers. Some might require a GP referral for rebate eligibility. Also, it’s important to note that combining Medicare and private health rebates for the same session is not permissible.

For more detailed information or assistance with understanding your private health insurance coverage for physiotherapy, our team at Enhanced Living is more than happy to help.

Medicare via GP Referrals

Enhanced Living offers a range of physiotherapy services eligible for Medicare rebates, especially beneficial for children and adolescents. To access these rebates, it’s essential to consult with your GP or paediatrician to determine your eligibility. Below are the Medicare plans that can be utilised:

Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM)

Formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC), the CDM is coordinated by your GP. It caters to children and adults with chronic care needs, providing a Medicare rebate for up to five sessions of allied health therapy per calendar year.

Better Access to Mental Health Care

For those experiencing mental health difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, or adjustment issues, a Mental Health Care Plan might be appropriate. Under the Better Access initiative, eligible individuals can receive up to ten individual and/or group therapy sessions with Medicare rebates within a calendar year.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Enhanced Living is dedicated to the wellbeing of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) community, offering a range of services tailored for veterans. Our programmes, led by skilled Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, are not just about physical therapy; they also provide a supportive social environment where veterans can connect with like-minded peers.

For ex-servicemen, we offer comprehensive care that includes gym-based treatment programmes and mental health support through our Occupational Therapy team. Veterans interested in exploring these services are invited to contact us to discuss eligibility and tailor a programme to their specific needs.


At Enhanced Living, we excel in return-to-work services under WorkCover, aiming for a safe and efficient recovery for clients with work-related injuries. Our process begins with light exercises, advancing towards more intensive strength and conditioning in a gym-based environment.

  • Pathways to Recovery

We recognise Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology as key pathways for returning to work, closely coordinating with case managers to develop effective work conditioning programmes. Our facilities, including gyms and hydrotherapy pools, are tailored to enhance recovery, focusing on strength, endurance, and pain management.

  • Occupational Therapy Services

Our Occupational Therapists, specialising in hand trauma and upper limb therapy, are integral in early wound and inflammation management, ensuring optimal recovery. They work in conjunction with our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists for a comprehensive return-to-work strategy.

  • Accessing Services

Initiating services under WorkCover requires a current medical certificate. We then collaborate with your medical team to support your recovery, offering a range of treatments based on initial assessments, including hydrotherapy, gym-based programmes, and tailored home exercise plans.

National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ)

The National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ) offers lifetime support for serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents in Queensland since July 2016. Covering conditions like spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, limb amputations, and brachial plexus injuries, NIISQ tailors its services to each individual’s unique needs.

Enhanced Living, as a registered NIISQ vendor, collaborates closely with case managers to create effective treatment plans. We ensure prompt attention to urgent cases, reserving weekly slots for emergency assessments. Our goal is to deliver personalised care, aiding efficient recovery and rehabilitation for those affected by serious motor vehicle accidents.

RACQ Insurance and Other Third-party Insurance Providers

Enhanced Living is well-versed in working with third-party insurers, including RACQ, various national and interstate insurers, as well as private health funds and insurance companies. To quickly access our services, provide your case manager’s details, last name, and case number, and we’ll guide you through the process.

We have a broad network of collaborations, including notable insurers like TAC, SIRA, RACV, RACQ, and Suncorp Insurance. Our aim is to ensure seamless integration of our physiotherapy services with your insurance coverage, catering to a wide array of client needs.

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