Professional Development Workshop: Building successful in-clinic therapies for clients with Autism

building success in clinical therapies

“Our multidisciplinary team have participated in multiple PD events hosted by David. These sessions were informative, relevant and engaging, and the learnings have been put into practice with our many ASD clients who have seen great outcomes. Our team of EPs, Physios and Dietitians are very grateful to David and we’re all excited for more events coming up in the future.”

– Adam Semczuk, EPSA Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

Providing exciting therapeutic interventions whilst achieving clinical outcomes can be hard, however, when the client has a complex neuro-developmental condition like Autism, it becomes a lot more complex.

Building successful in-clinic therapies for clients with Autism is a peer-to-peer event for clinicians seeking to understand evidence for therapeutic intervention, and provides tools and structure to ensure successful outcomes for your clients and clinic.

Experienced clinical lead, lecturer and business owner, David Nunn, who has a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD along with his son, delivers evidence including recent research, implementation strategies and case studies to provide an interactive workshop where you can learn, practice and review your understanding and techniques in working with children with Autism.

Attendees at the workshop will learn to:

– Increase their confidence in communicating with ASD clients

– Develop strategies to identify and manage complex behaviours

– Understand levels of Autism and the needs of each client

– Understand research and methods behind assessment, prescription and reporting for Autism to improve reasoning for reports and letters, including NDIS reports.

– Provide evidence-based therapeutic interventions to deliver outcomes for complex neuro-developmental clients

What to expect

– A small group setting in a private online room

– Workshops, breakout rooms, role plays and case studies to learn, apply and create time for feedback and questions

– Post-workshop support, including an invitation to the Enhanced Academy

– Resources, including a blueprint for therapy sessions based on research, experience and references to cited research

– Insight into an experienced clinician’s practice, and answers to questions about your client’s needs from our experienced team

The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that this Professional Development offering meets the criteria for 4 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.

Secure your ticket to this exciting professional development workshop at our event page.

We look forward to seeing you online!

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