Everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams if they are connected to the right facility and the right team with the right know-how.

Enhanced Living delivers some unique programs and services to the region to assist with optimising health while being a not for profit.

What is great about our multi-disciplinary centre, is that we are able to deliver s broad range of services and programs under the one roof, and can adjust our delivery to suit all individuals of every age, fitness level and budget.

How our Allied Health Services can help

Our wide range of Allied Health Services include Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Intensive Therapy, Upper Limb Therapy and our famous ‘Theraholidays’ all of which combine evidence-based best practices with new and innovative techniques that cannot be found elsewhere.  

At Enhanced Living, we are committed to providing exceptional care that goes beyond the physical aspect. Our empathetic and encouraging approach reflects our dedication to each patient’s recovery and overall well-being. We believe that fostering a supportive and compassionate environment is essential in helping our patients feel empowered, motivated, and confident on their path to better health.

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