Making real differences to adults and children with disabilities through a range of child therapy.

Enhanced Living have extensive experience in assisting children with all kinds of therapy. We offer Exercise PhysiologyOccupational TherapyIntensive TherapyUpper Limb Therapy and our famous ‘Theraholidays’. We also have a number of supporting services onsite such as Dietetics and MOllii suit

Our facility also caters to lots of disabilities and conditions for children. The sensory room is a quiet space secluded from the other gym rooms and provides a safe learning environment, particularly for our children with sensory processing and developmental disorders.

With environmental controls for temperature and lighting, we can assist with external regulation while practicing tasks of daily living and fine motor skills.

In the afternoon, the Lego Therapy Club takes over the Sensory Room and kids have the opportunity to practice social and communication skills while enjoying building lego projects.

Your donation will be used to support essential programs and services such as:

  • providing subsidies for members participating in recreation activities
  • delivering our recreation program to patients with spinal cord injuries and brain injuries at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • buying specialised fitness equipment for ‘The Gym’ at our Maroochydore headquarters to cater for people of all abilities
  • providing subsidies to junior, developing and elite athletes to help them achieve their sporting dreams

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