What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a treatment method that we use to both reduce pain and improve function through most of the joints and muscles within the body. It works by using acupuncture needles to release what are called trigger points located in the muscles, which can often contribute to pain and impaired movement.

Using different methods of dry needling, we find the trigger points in the muscles and release them to reduce the pain and symptoms that you’re experiencing. The problem trigger points aren’t always quite where you would expect them to be either! Trigger points can refer into other locations in the body, meaning the cause of the problem isn’t always right where you’re feeling it.

How can you benefit from Dry Needling?

This is where an Allied Health professional like ourselves comes into play!

  • We use dry needling to reduce the pain you’re feeling or to make sure that your joints are moving within the correct patterns.

  • Once the pain is reduced and the body is functioning more optimally, we can implement specific exercises to ensure that the underlying cause is addressed.

  • This combined approach means that you’re more likely to be in less pain and functioning properly much faster than relying on just a single treatment style.

Why Enhanced Living?

Through our knowledge and experience; we can help you feel better, move better and function better. Allowing us to then provide you with movement and therapy to treat the cause of the initial problem and decrease the chances of it returning.. 

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