Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy Programs are a great option to optimise funding and achieve your goals.

Most simply defined, intensive therapy is a therapy of any modality that occurs at a high frequency over a short duration of time.

Intensive therapy is not only a great way to participate in meaningful activities in the community and gain confidence in that setting, but research also suggests the participant’s capacity and performance of physical ability is rapidly improved using this format.

Research shows there are plenty of benefits of choosing intensive therapy:

  • Shared programs with persons of similar capacity and diagnosis provides valuable community experience
  • A short burst of therapy has less impact on the day-to-day routine, such as work, school and family activities
  • Consolidated programming enables a significant amount of therapy to be delivered at a lower cost for participants.
  • Greater therapy outcomes. The capacity to acquire skills and movement patterns through neurological conditioning is enhanced when a higher frequency of therapy is applied.

We offer Intensive Therapy Programs throughout the year

Individual Neurological Rehabilitation Intensive Therapy

  • Provided throughout the year, we design each individual intensive therapy to match with the participant’s goals and needs.
  • Individual programs are three hours per day for four days of the working week.
  • The hourly rate is dependent on the program, which may include community access activities, NeuroPhysio, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology or access to therapists, including dieticians and allied health assistants.

School Holiday Intensive Programs

  • Led by our Paediatric Occupational Therapist during school term breaks, these programs are designed to deliver fun clinical interventions in a small group.
  • School holiday programs include activities that promote socialistion and communication, teamwork, self confidence and fine and gross motor skills.

What’s your Intensive Goal?

We cater our intensive program to suit your individual needs, and have helped various clients  achieve their unique goals over the years. 

Previous specialised areas we have helped with include:

Focus Area:

Walking training to relearn to walk post stroke and spinal injury


Use of Hydrotherapy, Biodex Walking Frame, MOTOmed and Nustep machines for endurance training and sessions of Tilt Table, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology for mobility.

Focus Area:

Neurological disorders and relearning movement patterns and activities


Performing balance and coordination training, with access to therapist-driven community activities.

Focus Area:

Social and communication


Attendance of community games, activities and lessons with similar age and diagnosis groups to work on interpersonal skills.

Focus Area:

Daily skills


Attendance of activities and lessons of self-care with similar age and diagnosis groups to work on interpersonal skills, improving functional capacity of impairments such as upper limb function and daily living tasks.

We design each intensive program for the individual. Let us know how we can help you.

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