WorkCover QLD

Enhanced Living has been delivering return-to-work and injury management services under WorkCover in QLD since our inception.

Our WorkCover plan in QLD strives to achieve your return to work capacity as safely and efficiently as possible and boasts a high return to work rate with our clients. We believe you should recover capacity suitable for usual duties and progress from light activation and stretching exercises to strength and conditioning in a gym-based environment.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology are a recognised return to work pathway with WorkCover and other third party insurers.

We can liaise with your case manager to implement work conditioning programs to maximise your work capacity during your recovery. Our locations include gym and hydrotherapy treatment to facilitate strength, endurance and pain management.

Our Occupational Therapists specialise in hand trauma and upper limb therapy and are involved within days of injury by referral straight from your specialist. They will assist in early wound and inflammation management to ensure your recovery is optimised and will then link with the Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology team to continue your recovery back to work.

Accessing Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology is simple under WorkCover with an initial session requiring a current Medical certificate. We will then work with your Case Manager and medical team such as your Specialist and General Practitioner to ensure you are supported in your recovery to full work capacity.

Options and programs are dependent on initial assessment and collaboration with your other health providers and case manager. Included under WorkCover may be Hydrotherapy and hydropool, gym sessions and gym membership, work conditioning programs and home exercise programs including myofascial release and stretching programs.

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